Microsoft confirms ‘InPrivate’ IE 8

When Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 8 browser makeover ships later this year, it will feature
several nifty privacy features aimed at giving surfers control over their Web footprints.

One week after bloggers discovered clues that IE 8 will include a private browsing (ahem, porn mode),
Microsoft used the official IE blog to discuss four new granular controls in the browser.


> JavaScript高速化
> 1.IE8beta2をDLしインストーラーをWinRAR等で解凍、jscript.dllを取り出す
> 2.ブラウザ終了 Outlookが常駐の場合終了 もしくはセーフモードで実行
>\ServicePackFiles\i386\jscript.dll 上書き ←無い場合もある
>\ie7\jscript.dll 上書き ←無い場合もある
>\system32\dllcache\jscript.dll上書き ←無い場合もある
> 8.ブラウザ起動

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